What to buy for kids who have everything?

by Bart Wellens

That's a question I asked myself several times the last few years.

Not only do we have 3 kids, they're also 3 boys (which means there is a recycling process going on) and they are as lucky to have 2 pair of grand parents, 6 uncles and 3 aunts.
You can imagine that they are overwhelmed with gifts at birthday parties... 

As a result, finding a present for the eldest remains quite easy, however to come up with something new for the younger ones is often a long and difficult quest.

This year end, there is something to ease our trouble: the Kidsonroof collection.

The collection is not only beautifully designed, a lot of items are big (which kids love to get... and I love to give :) ), they are made from recycled cardboard (which is environmentally friendly) and they stimulate creativity.

The fact that they are also extremely affordable makes the icing on the cake!

Have a look at our collection and enjoy this year's ending!

Kris & Bart

Bart Wellens
Bart Wellens


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