A small step for mankind, a giant leap for man...

by Bart Wellens

Hi all,


A few weeks ago Kris and myself have made an agreement: our online shop had to be ready and would go live on the same day his baby was born.

So yesterday, Kris and his wife were blessed with a baby girl...and here we are!

A brand new shop, a great adventure, a lot mountains to climb and dragons to fight...but we are eager to do so!


We are  really proud and happy about the fantastic crowd of suppliers and designers that agreed to go on this journey with us.

And we are absolutely thrilled to get some feedback from our public...yes...that's you!


A lot more products will be popping up soon, as well as more content and hopefully soon a multi language version of the site.

Thanks for being here, it is really appreciated!


Have a look around, give us some feedback, ask us some questions and hopefully enjoy wandering through products you never knew they existed...


Welcome at BMINI,


Kris & Bart

Bart Wellens
Bart Wellens


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