It's a small world after all...

by Bart Wellens

Hi again!


Did you notice that we have really low shipping costs?  No? If you didn't purchase anything yet, you probably did not...

So it's time to make a change in that!

Let's be bold and clear about this: We believe in free shipping!  

...and like Frank Zappa once said "If we can't be free, we can be cheap!" :) 


To make things more transparent, we are working on a new page that explains in detail how your shipment cost will be calculated.

Although in general, there are only two rules to remember:

  • If we're playing a home game (Belgium or the Netherlands) shipment is free for orders above 20€.
  • For most other countries shipping is free above 100€ (+-135$).  


But ok, that being said, we needed a cool image to guide you towards our future "shipment condition information" page...and we came up with the picture below!

We really enjoyed making this one! It seemed ages that I folded a paper boat like this...and my 2 year old absolutely loved it!

Check the following link if you don't remember how to fold a paper boat yourself and do try this at home!

By the way, you can make a great story about the shipwreck of your paper boat (it's a story my elder brother once told me).  If you tear off the front, the back and the top of the boat (a small piece will do) and unfold the boat again, you are getting a life jacket.  If you got small kids, they'll be amazed!


Enjoy shopping and try out our shipping! :)

We hope to see you soon!

Kris & Bart


P.S. Don't start clicking this image yet...the page behind is yet to come!





Bart Wellens
Bart Wellens


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