Quut - Cuppi

Before you dismiss this small 3-piece toy, take closer look.

There is more to the Cuppi than first meets the eye. The potential is inexhaustible.
Sand, land, water, tub or ocean, the Cuppi knows how to inspire creativity and get kids designing, playing and having a blast.
Two ergonomic cone-shaped designs fit in the hand like that's where they were made to be :)

One with a sieve, one without, sift out rocks and scatter sand. Both cones have small holes in the tip. Water runs through for a shower, or kids spell their name with sand.
Add a ball and double the fun! Carve a race track down a sand mountain. Let the ball roll and watch excitement happen. Hand a Cuppi to your friend and toss the ball back and forth, catching it in your Cuppi.
Build a castle and use a Cuppi to carve a moat, castle gates, turrets and doors. It digs out perfect circles to create tunnels, bridges and whatever else you decide.
Kids wash up in the bath and ask for their Cuppi, again! They just can't get enough of this innovative toy.
Original and unique, the Cuppi is contemporary creativity.


  • Ergonomic cone-shaped
  • An innovative, original toy for creative play
  • Encourages imagination, outdoor activity
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Includes 2 cones (Cuppis) and a squeezable plastic ball
  • Sieve, shovel, scoop, strainer... limitless potential
  • Features special holes in the tip for sand writing


  • Each Cuppi measures 15.8cm/6.25" long, 6.35cm/2.5" diameter top
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Lasting play value